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Life Coach Vancouver Whether you're looking for the motivation to run a marathon, go back to college, get that big promotion or improve your marriage, Donna Smood is the best life coach in Vancouver. Donna has already helped countless people through her unique approach, which focuses on fitness as the key to success in all areas of life. She is an inspiring and well-known motivational speaker and uses her own experiences to help clients achieve higher levels of success in every area of their lives. As a child with severe asthma who struggled psychically, socially and academically, Donna lived for years thinking that her personal happiness, fitness, social skills and academic ability were out of her control. It wasn't until she was 20 that she set a small goal for herself to run for at least a short period of time every day for 21 days. She went from running a slow 10 minutes the first day to running an easy six miles by the end of the 21 days, and this simple goal completely changed the course of her life as well as the lives of the countless people she has helped over the years. Donna felt so empowered and strong that she knew she had to change the way she viewed herself and become the confident, powerful, motivated person that she now knew she could be. The small task of running inspired her to take control of her life and eventually to become the best life coach in Vancouver as the founder of It's Cool to be Fit. Unlike other life coaches, Donna is passionate about using fitness as a means to help her clients get what they want out of life. Whether through running a mile, completing a triathlon, lifting 100 pounds or attending a yoga class once a week, Donna believes that the right fitness program can change a person's life. Donna is not a personal trainer or an athletic professional, but she is passionate about using fitness in her life coaching as a means to help people improve their self-esteem, confidence, creative thinking and leadership abilities. Donna went from an nonathletic, painfully shy child to a woman who now places first and second in her age division in the marathons that she has grown to love so much. Donna believes that you can use fitness not only as a tool to help you feel better about yourself, but to actually create a huge impact on the course of your life. Fitness not only can help you feel better about your current career path, but can also help you make the changes you need to find a path that you absolutely love. Fitness not only can inspire you to get out there and start dating, but can provide the empowerment you need to find the love of your life. Through her innovative life coaching strategy, Donna uses a unique combination of fitness and motivational speaking to help you live your best life and to succeed in areas you never thought possible. Life Coach Vancouver
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