Wild Horse Labs has been invited to lecture and mentor a select group of international student entrepreneurs at Kookmin University's 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Seoul, Korea, beginning June, 2015.  The University will be hosting undergraduate students from China, Saudi Arabia, the United States as well as a group of the University's Korean students to participate in this intensive 7-week Bootcamp on campus. The students from the US have been selected in cooperation with Kookmin University and the Organization of American Students (OAS).

 Wild Horse Labs is currently designing the lecture materials for topics to include: Navigating the Fundraising Ecosystem, Financial Projections Strategy, the Silicon Valley & Southern California Investment Trends & Landscape, and How to Attract Investors. During Mike and Julia's two-week stay in Seoul for this Global Bootcamp, they will also provide mentoring and advisory services to all 8 teams comprised of 4 to 5 students each to prepare them for the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Demo Day scheduled on August 14, 2015. We can't wait!

Julia & Mike with two of Kookmin University's Entrepreneurship Professors who are facilitating the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (from left to right): Dr. Woo Jin Lee, Julia Dilts, Mr. Jong Taek Kim and Mike Miller