Julia & Mike were invited as VIP Guests & Overseas Investors by the INNOPOLIS Foundation for its 2015 International Investment Roadshow Demo Day held June 6, in Seoul, Korea. They were in attendance as 10 VC-ready companies pitched to an audience of global investors, Micro VC Fund Managers & VCs. The impressive list of state-of-the-art companies included industry sectors such as Clean Energy (BioGas); Advanced technologies, including: Telecom (for military use), Digital Sensors, Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) scanners with a Big Data play, Nuclear Power Plant Safety & Efficiency, Energy-Efficient Thermal Insulation, and MEMS technology for poisonous gas detection - to name a few.  After the pitches, all of the investors and company presenters had the opportunity to meet one-on-one for more detailed discussions.

INNOPOLIS Daedeok is known as “The Heart of the Creative Economy” for Korea’s science & technology sectors and is a rapidly accelerating innovation hub for high-tech commercialization. “It is exciting to be involved with Innopolis during this pioneering stage of Korean development,” Mike Miller says. “This Foundation is paving the way for these high-growth sectors to become production-ready to deliver world-class goods and services for the global markets.”  INNOPOLIS Daedeok has built prestigious national research laboratories, research universities and has a high concentration of world-class scientists and technical experts – all of which continuously attracts major contracts from private sector R&D organizations.  At present, there is a total of 60 research institutes operating within the ecosystem of INNOPOLIS Daedeok (25 are public; 35 are private). Additionally, approximately 12 percent of Korean researchers who have earned a Ph.D. in the disciplines of science and engineering are currently working within this ecosystem.

Wild Horse Labs is proud to create an Alliance with Daedeok Venture Partners (DVP) and the INNOPOLIS Foundation, both located in Daejeon, Korea. Julia Dilts and Mike Miller are working with both organizations to launch a joint Global Acceleration Program beginning June 2015.


Julia & Mike at the Innopolis Foundations International Investment Roadshow Demo Day

Julia Diltz & Soohee Yang, the manager of the DVP Accelerator 


Julia, Soohee Yang (Manager of DVP Accelerator), & Dr. Tony Yang (Entrepreneur Professor at Hanbat Nat'l University & Member of the Hanbat Angels)