Posted by Jasmine Foroutan on Apr 03, 2014


Hello, there! Welcome to the Wild Horse Labs Newsletter.

We are an International “Idea-to-Exit Training Lab for Start-Ups” based in Los Angeles. At WHL, we believe in challenging the status quo and in guiding entrepreneurs to reach their ultimate goals: funding, resources, valuable introductions and gaining top-tiered mentors to become a successful company and poised to exit. Wild Horse was jump-started by Southern California-based Maverick Angels, an industry-agnostic angel group and start-up training organization, which embraced An Entrepreneurial Approach to Angel Investing. 

Now as Wild Horse Labs, and with the partnerships in our global network, we represent a wide range of industry sectors to help you build and scale your company at any stage. Whether you are a university student and first-time entrepreneur or a well-seasoned start-up ready to raise angel capital, the mission of our Investment Accelerator program is to help you build traction to become fundable. In our world-renowned accelerator course, we identify where you fit in the fundraising process, introduce you to viable investment alternatives then mentor you on a fast-track to become pitch-ready to the right investors. Our program provides you with direct access to our network of industry leaders and sources of capital. As you can see, we are passionate about education, coaching, mentorship—and I can’t stress the importance of your getting out there and networking 

What's next? Based on the state of your company, our team of mentors and industry experts will help you create a custom strategy including these necessary disciplines: debt/equity financing; valuation; business plan; corporate structuring, legal strategies and social media-as-a-sales-tool to help you build a company in which investors will want to write you checks and become your best champions.

We are here to act as your advocate and help you successfully maneuver through the process of starting your own business—especially when you need to hear that what you're doing matters. Entrepreneurship is what we live for, and we hope that your next venture will be our next success story!

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