It was only a few months ago at a Wild Horse Labs Investment Accelerator when I met Carolyn Guimbarda, CEO of Twigtale, a woman passionate about easing the challenges of parenthood through a series of personalized books taking parents and children through life's transitions together. This series covers topics such as bringing a new baby into the family, potty-training and starting school to families going through divorce and the loss of loved ones. 

While working with Twigtale in its early stages during January this year, I immediately realized that Carolyn was a devoted entrepreneur in making these transitional periods easier for parents and their children. 

As a Wild Horse Labs Graduate, we are proud to announce that Twigtale has been accepted into the Disney Accelerator, powered by TechStars. Carolyn and her Team are greatly deserving of this wonderful accomplishment—We are so proud of you!

The Disney Accelerator is a selective mentorship and investment program for tech start-ups involved in entertainment and media. The Accelerator provides 10 start-up companies the opportunity to influence new technology and innovation through its vast network of mentors, resources and investors.


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