The 2015 Creat!ve Startup Korea Conference in Seoul, Korea, sponsored by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) was filled with mind-blowing, disruptive technologies and products from entrepreneurs based throughout Korea. Mike and Julia, the Co-Founders of Wild Horse Labs, attended this global event and were very impressed by the caliber of start-up companies this year.  

As investors, KOTRA had asked both Mike and Julia to choose 10 companies from a list of candidates and schedule meetings with those entrepreneurs. "We were amazed that many of the start-ups we met with were already in revenue and have enrolled high-profile companies to beta test their technologies," says Mike Miller. "Compared to last year's KOTRA conference, there was an impressive improvement regarding how much further advanced the entrepreneurs were this year in terms of technology, traction and previous funds raised." 

Both Julia and Mike are currently connecting with 5 highly promising companies whom they met with at the conference. Our strategy is for the entrepreneurs to continue running their operations in Korea while successfully establishing a US presence with the assistance of our Korean partner, Daedeok Venture Partners, (DVP).

"In our partnership with DVP, we will facilitate the establishment of an additional hub in the States to seed-funded Korean companies and provide them with the necessary resources and relationships to attract angel, Micro VC and VC funding," says Julia Dilts. "As we're here in Korea for a month, we are learning that Korean-based entrepreneurs share many of the same issues as start-ups do back home in the US. Similar to how we advise US companies, our role is to bridge the acceleration gap using a globalization strategy so Korean entrepreneurs can enter the US market to increase their opportunities to become acquired."

Stay tuned for our next update as we meet with Korean government officials about our vetting companies to join the DVP Micro VC Fund portfolio based in Daejeon, Korea!

Creative Startup Korea Kickoff Ceremony 

Julia Diltz (Left) & Hyemi Oh (Right) enjoying themselves at Creative Startup Korea