"Mike Miller from Wild Horse Labs has been instrumental in the successful launch of WhiteCoat, an on-demand healthcare start-up which brings affordable healthcare to patients’ homes. Mike’s extensive network helped bring us not only investors, but other great contacts and experts in the industry. These contacts eventually became our start-up’s investors, advisors and consultants, who helped lay down the foundation of WhiteCoat. I am grateful to have met a well-connected and intelligent, but humble, mentor who has guided me as a young first-time CEO to a more mature one. For any first-time CEO with a great idea, he or she should highly consider the guidance and mentorship of Wild Horse Labs."

- Mike Kwon

CEO  of WhiteCoat

“Condensing the most relevant parts of an MBA to an entrepreneur in one day!  Coming into the Accelerator, I had minimal knowledge of attracting investors. From determining the value of your company to being introduced to the law behind adding investors as well as how investors want to be approached, I came away feeling much more prepared to tackle this next step in the development of my start-up. No matter where you are with your start-up and seeking investors, you will come away having learned a lot. The quality of information provided is a real testament to their experience within the world of Angel Investing.” 

- Brian Westphal 

Founder of Lotus Boards

“Loved the energy of all the Advisors and their want to provide honest and detailed feedback. My day with Wild Horse Labs provided vital information, resources and connections to take Ourglass Earth to the next level.” 

- Connor Evans 

CEO of Ourglass

“A solid foundation on the way investors think.  They hammered my presentation. I loved it!”

- Michael Pratt

Founder & President

“This accelerator is a one-day bootcamp which somehow manages to cover all the bases for a start-up no matter what the stage.”               

- Chris Blevins

Co-Founder & COO

“The size of the class made it personal and non-intimidating. Loved it!”   

- SaraJean Cameranesi 

Founder of Coconut World

“Finally, a succinct way to understand the various funding options for entrepreneurs! A venue to get real-world help in crafting your business plan and helping to raise capital.” 

- Patrick Netter

Founder & CEO