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  • We Grow Leaders in the Future of Technology

  • We Foster Innovation in the World of Bioscience Technologies

  • We Support Creatives. Fashion. Entertainment. Design. Media.

  • We Must Have a Sustainable Tomorrow. Food. Environment. Energy. Conservation.

  • We Cultivate Responsible Business Leaders to Build a Stronger Global Economy

Wild Horse Labs is an International Investment Accelerator 

which Mentors Start-Ups to Attract Investments and

Create Successful Exits. 

Investment Accelerator Program

We mentor entrepreneurs to become high-target candidates for investors from Day 1, then we connect you to our global network of funders and resources.  

Apply to our Investment Accelerator Program



 We invite selected fast-paced Start-Ups Seeking Funding. Whip you into shape by Perfecting Your Pitch Deck. Prepare Your Due Dilligence Before Investors Inquire. Connect You to our Powerhouse Network of Angels, VCs, PEs, Debt Financing. We know what it takes to look attractive to investors.  



 For early-stagers with great ideas who aren't quite ready for their first round of funding. We transform your ideas into a Strategic Road Map which includes Sound Financials. Identifying Your Addressable Market. Competitive Advantages. Your Exit Strategy.  


 Invite us to your organization for an        8-Hour Crash Course! Grab Your competitive edge by learning the           "12 Must-See Investor Slides." All Funding Options. Secrets to Not Dilute Your Equity. You will graduate with Your Company's new strategy and next steps to capital.

With our expertise, you will become investor-ready and connected to our domestic & global network of investors.


We are world-class industry experts with diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience in running companies, both private and public. With our collective 50 years of experience, we mentor early-stage entrepreneurs in the US and around the Globe. 

Educational Mentorship

We Are the Idea-to-Exit Training Lab for Start-Ups. Our team of mentors are not only here to help you through your funding process, we are also motivated to teach you how to navigate the US and Global financial ecosystem.

Domestic & Global Network

Our vast network includes Incubators, Accelerators, Crowdfunders, Universities, Governmental Agencies, Angel Groups, Venture Capitalists & Private Equity Firms from all over the world.  


Which One Represents You? Remember that strategizing your exit begins on Day 1!


Building Your Advisory Board
Initial Market Research
Corporate Structuring


Friends & Family Round
Defining Your Addressable Market
Hiring Initial Talent


Valuation & Attracting Angel Investment
Going to Market
Pivoting & Corporate Strategy
Term-Sheet Structuring


Validating Your Concept
Leveraging Your Position as a Student
Build-to-Last Business Strategy
Your Vision is Your Currency


Building Cross-Cultural Relationships
Courting Global Strategic Partners
On-Boarding Your Workforce
Understanding Commerce & Trade Laws


"Mike Miller from Wild Horse Labs has been instrumental in the successful launch of WhiteCoat, an on-demand healthcare start-up which brings affordable healthcare to patients’ homes. Mike’s extensive network helped bring us not only investors, but other great contacts and experts in the industry. These contacts eventually became our start-up’s investors, advisors and consultants, who helped lay down the foundation of WhiteCoat. I am grateful to have met a well-connected and intelligent, but humble, mentor who has guided me as a young first-time CEO to a more mature one. For any first-time CEO with a great idea, he or she should highly consider the guidance and mentorship of Wild Horse Labs."


Mike Kwon

CEO of WhiteCoat


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